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Toolkits & Manuals

Please note that these toolkits/ guidelines are general best practice, if you require more detailed professional advice you should liaise with your accountants, solicitor, governing/ professional body, other as applicable.

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Residents Assoc Toolkit PPN 2023


This guide is designed to support local consultation and engagement processes, including: planning, implementation (putting processes in place) and review. It focuses on engaging marginalised communities and the organisations that represent them. 

Place Standard Toolkit, Guide & Case Studies  

A way of assessing places, Whether the place is well-established, undergoing change, or is still being planned, the tool can help you.

Charities Governance Code

Opening & Planning Manual Post Covid-19

Governance Toolkit

Financial Management Toolkit

Human Resources Toolkit

Sustainable Toolkit

Winding up a Charity

Waterford City and County Council’s
reuse swap event toolkit

Deliberative Futures Toolkit Video

SPC Representative Reporting Template