Purple Flag Meeting

 17th May 2018

 Items discussed as follows

  • Renewal of Purple Flag Status achieved
  • Purple Flag month to be October. Events to run during the month
  • Ask for Angela / City safe. It is proposed to have Ask for Angela printed on beer mats to promote campaign.
  • GDRP was discussed it was proposed to have a talk on the above. It was suggested to ask Andre Thompson to provide same.
  • Action Plan for 2018/2019 The Purple Flag logo is to be placed on traffic bollards in the city so as people will know they are entering Purple Flag Zone.
  • The closing of the Edmund Rice Centre was discussed and the loss to the different groups who use the centre for activities and meetings. The loss of this facility is a great loss to the area.
  • A new initiative by Oscars as part of their Age Friendly Charter involving a Social Table for dining giving older people the opportunity to meet people  was discussed and welcomed by all at the meeting and will be promoted in the coming weeks.
  • The meeting closed

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