Meeting of the Planning Strategic Policy Committee

      Thursday 29th Oct. 2020 at 10 am

        On-line (Microsoft Teams

Report by PPN Reps



  • Minutes of SPC Meeting of 15th July 2020.
  • Unitary Waterford City & County Development Plan 2022 -2028
  1. Chief Executive Report on pre-draft public consultation process;
  2. Availability of zoned land currently available, follow up from discussion at pervious SPC; and,
  3. Consultation Strategy.
  • Any Other Business.
  1. ‘Matters arising’ didn’t happen. However following on from suggestion to find out about Council submission to Marine Planning Framework process I checked that website and found the WCCC submission

(submission no 215)

  1. 2 presentations a) by Hugh O’Brien, referring the CEO’s report and giving context – local and national as well as an idea of scale and scope.
    Elements include consistency of core strategy with NPG and RSES.
    Working for “Compact growth” in urban situations.

Integration of land use, public transport, community spaces etc. Placemaking

Flood risk, climate action, SDGs, ….
Waterford received the 2nd highest number of written submissions in the country.

CEO’s Report to councillors shortly for the November Plenary meeting.

Directions from the Plenary regarding the report due by 18th January. After which Draft Plan should be prepared by mid-June.

  1. b) David Quinn presented on current availability of zoned land.

Discussions re the Plan, re desirability of live meetings, of urban/rural issues, of the process.
We have been promised copies of both presentations.

It is likely there will be two further SPC meetings – one end November, one during December.
Suggested that all who made submissions should be contacted and kept in the loop.




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