Civil Society Grant Programme – Closing 14th of September

St Stephen’s Green Trust: Civil Society Grant Programme

Civil Society Grant Programme

Between 2023 and 2027 SSGT will implement a strategy to contribute to strengthening democracy through civic engagement and participation. Learning from the Northern Ireland grassroots peacebuilding programme (2017-2024) will support the programme design. The strategy will support collective action initiatives which deepen democracy across a number of levels and draw out the learning.

As part of this work, SSGT is launching a new funding programme in 2023 that aims to contribute to a ‘high energy democracy’ by supporting civil society groups to:

  • Engage in participative and deliberative democracy initiatives that harness the power of civil society to transform democratic decision-making processes

  • Develop progressive platforms for collective power and influence which use values-based approaches to identify elements of transformative change

  • Create spaces for participation and voice, particularly among those who are most marginalised

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