Membership of Waterford Public Participation Network is open to any community and voluntary group or club, environmental group and any organisation addressing issues of social exclusion, working on a voluntary, co-operative or not-for- profit basis for the benefit of the community within Waterford City & County. 

Associate Member Organisations are also welcome as members of Waterford PPN they will receive information and access training etc But do NOT have the power to make nominations, or have voting rights, however they can put forward motions.

Examples of these would be:

  • State or semi-state bodies;
  • Local development agencies;
  • Elected representatives, people who have declared to run for elected office, or those who have served as councillors, TDs, senators or MEPs within the previous year;
  • Groups who have representation through other pillars of social partnership e.g. trade unions, farming and business organisations.

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