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Waterford City and County Vision for Community Wellbeing

This Vision is what Waterford PPN member groups want to see achieved in Waterford. It is not how things are right now, but it is what we are working towards achieving.

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Waterford City and County Vision for Community Wellbeing

The PPN is tasked by Government with the development of a Vision for Community Wellbeing at a Municipal District and County level.

Developing a Vision for Community Wellbeing means thinking about what we have and what we need to help Waterford to be as great as it can be for us and for the many generations that follow on from ours. Our wellbeing is affected by many things; the economy, the environment, community services and more.

What is Community Wellbeing

Although we often think about wellbeing in terms of good physical and mental health, it can also describe the wider conditions we need as individuals and communities to have a better  quality of life, healthier environment and increased prosperity. Community Wellbeing, rather than an individual, is where the conditions applying for everyone in the community are the focus.

So a community with a high level of wellbeing is likely to be one where all people have a strong sense of belonging and identity, opportunities to work individually and together for the common good, are able to support each other through different life stages, access the services they need, live consciously sustainable lives in a positive environment, and are able to participate in the making the decisions that affect them, and so forth.

Under this programme, Waterford PPN will consider all the aspects of community wellbeing together to help identify actions that can be undertaken by communities. These aspects include social and community development; environment and sustainability; work, economy and resources; health; values, culture and meaning; and participation, democracy and good governance.

Additional detail on Vision for Community Wellbeing headings

Social & Community Development – How can we be an inclusive community where we support each other and ensure no one is left out?  What are the important social services and facilities we need to live well from childhood to old age?

Environment & Sustainability – How do we value our natural environment and man-made heritage? What can be done to conserve, protect and restore these? How can we interact with the environment in a sustainable way, and hand it on to the next generation in a better state?

Work, Economy & Resources – How can our communities thrive economically, with good jobs, and supports for enterprise, business and for people not in work?  What resources do we have and are they used effectively and sustainably without causing harm to social and environmental sustainability?

Health – How can all members of our community enjoy the best possible physical and mental health?  What about people with special needs, older people, and carers?

Values, Culture & Meaning – What is needed to ensure that everyone both feels, and actually is, included and valued, and that our different values and cultures are respected and nurtured? What are the important parts of our culture that we want to hand on to future generations?

Participation, Democracy & Good Governance – What is necessary to ensure that our local government structures support the wellbeing of our community for this and future generations? What is necessary to ensure that we have a voice in the decisions that affect us and that all voices are being heard?


WellBeing Visions