Community Safety Partnership Waterford Vacancies

Waterford City and County Council and the Department of Justice are launching a new Local Community Safety Partnership in Waterford, an exciting new initiative that we hope you will get involved in.
We think you can play an important role in this initiative. We need your help to identify priorities, devise and implement solutions to ensure that people’s concerns around safety in the area are heard.

What is it about?

The Local Community Safety Partnership is a new government initiative which brings together statutory services, the voluntary and community sector, local councillors and community members to work together to identify and tackle community safety issues locally. It will be piloted in the Waterford City and County Local Authority Area and will replace the Joint Policing Committee.

What is community safety?

Community safety is about people feeling safe in their communities. It’s a broad concept that goes beyond just policing and crime. It includes everything from visible Gardaí to safe places for our children to play.
The people who live and work in communities are vital to building community safety. Community safety needs a multi-agency approach, where services work together to deliver on the needs of individual communities.

How will this work?

The Local Community Safety Partnership will give the community a stronger voice in identifying and tackling the issues that individuals, families, young people, business owners and all members of the community face. Representatives of the community will make up 51% of the members of the Local Community Safety Partnership, meaning community voices will be the majority.
The Local Community Safety Partnership will work with the community to identify local priorities and use these to develop a local community safety plan that will be delivered in a collaborative fashion by all stakeholders.

What else do I need to know about this initiative?

  • The Local Community Safety Partnership will be set up in the Waterford City and County Local Authority Area in mid-2021.
  • The Local Community Safety Partnership will bring together residents, community representatives, business interests, councillors, the voluntary sector, local authorities
    and State services such as An Garda Síochána, Tusla and the HSE to devise and implement the Local Community Safety Plan.
  • The Partnership will have an independent chairperson and a dedicated Community Safety Coordinator.
  • The Pilot project overall will run for 24 months.

How can I get involved?

Waterford Public Participation Network (WPPN) are inviting organisations and groups affiliated with the PPN to nominate community representatives to represent the communities of Waterford on the Community Safety Partnership. The PPN will nominate 10 representatives as follows:

  • 2 Community representatives involved in community/social projects
  • 2 Community representatives from the voluntary sector (e.g. a sports coach)
  • 4 Local Resident representatives who live in the area
  • 1 Representative of from underrepresented / minority sectors/communities
  • 1 representative from a local social enterprise that provides a support service for offenders, ex-offenders or those at risk of offending

NB: Secretariat will decide and will take into account gender and regional balance.

You can also get involved by attending virtual workshops being held in June (dates to be confirmed) to inform the public about the CSP and seeking initial views on the safety issues that most concern Waterford communities. Dates and times of these workshops will be widely publicised in newspapers and on local radio and social media.
We look forward to hearing from you.

Please email Muriel Tobin for nomination form at

For more information contact John Hawkes 087 980 9985 

Closing date for nominations is 5pm Wednesday 23 June