Is Your Business a Social Enterprise ??

Is your Business a Social Enterprise?
Read on to find out…

What is a Social Enterprise?
To date, ‘Social Enterprise’ has been a fairly grey area and while many support Social Enterprise, recent studies have found that more do not know what a Social Enterprise actually is.
A Social Enterprise is an enterprise
1. That trades for a social/ societal purpose
2. Where at least part of its income is earned from a trading activity
3. It is separate from Government
4. Where the surplus is primarily reinvested in the social objective
The EU Commission recently completed a research project involving 8 countries from the EU including Ireland on the definition, mapping and future development of social enterprise within the EU. The Social Finance Foundation (SFF) of Ireland has requested Dunhill Rural Enterprises Ltd and Waterford Social Enterprise Network (WSEN) to work with Mary O’Shaughnessy a leading researcher from UCC on the identification of social enterprises in Waterford City and County.
This research project is being done using the Forfás 2013 definition of social enterprise.

This research study will only be a success if all those involved in the sector throughout all communities in the City & County engage with us in this important research study.

If you think that your business might fall under the ‘Social Enterprise’ remit, please forward the following details of your business:
• Business/Organisation Name & Address
• Contact Person Name & Address
• Email
• Phone number
• Purpose
• Company or Charity registration number
For further information contact Seamus Goggin Project Officer email or phone 087 2222081 or Liz Riches (WSEN)