Noise Complaints and Control of Horses Bylaws-Have YOUR Say

The Environment SPC met on the 6th February and it was requested that Waterford PPN members be invited for their comments/views on the attached Draft Policy and Procedure for Dealing with Noise Complaints and Control of Horses Bylaws and accompanying discussion document.

If you have any comments on the attached please return them to me via email by Friday 24th February to

PPN members may interested to note the following are the main proposed changes in the Control of Horses Bylaws
· ** Banning of racing on public roads unless appropriate permission has been granted
· ** Prohibited to operate any horse drawn vehicle without appropriate horse licence
· ** No person under 16 years of age may be in control of a horse drawn vehicle on a public road

[pdf-embedder url=”” title=”DRAFT Policy And Procedure For Dealing With Noise Complaints (2)”] [pdf-embedder url=”” title=”Discussion Document on Horse Control Bye Laws”] [pdf-embedder url=”” title=”Wat City Council Control of Horses Byelaws 1997 Compressed”]