Regional Spatial & Economic Strategy – Report

Report by PPN Rep Ray Mc Grath

The Southern Regional Assembly is in the process of making a Regional Spatial & Economic Strategy for the whole of the Southern Region to support the implementation of the emerging National Planning Framework (Ireland 2040).

The RSES/PPN meeting in Cork on Wednesday Jan 31, 2018.

  1.  The Southern Regional Assembly personnel present at the meeting explained the content and process involved in writing up the Southern Region RSEP (Regional Spatial and Economic Strategy) and provided the timetable to be followed.
  2.  The meeting was hosted by Cork PPN who also gave a presentation on the major issues to be addressed in the RSES Southern Region.
  3.  The following issues were identified:   urban town and city densities, development considerations for sustainable rural life, the importance of water, the importance of communication and transport, impacts on the environment, access to services.
  4.  The particular issues from a Waterford perspective included:   attracting inward investment,  traffic problems particularly the Dunmore Rd access to the city, Waterford’s coastal communities
  5.  Next steps:  A summary of the Cork meeting will be forwarded to the PPNs; a joint Southern Region  submission will be prepared through email consultation with the different PPNs; in addition, a separate submission from each PPN.