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PPN Rep Vacancies

PPN Representatives perform an important function on behalf of PPNs. They are elected by Member Groups to get involved in, and contribute to, Local Authority Boards/Committees & Non LA Boards/Committees on behalf of the PPN. In doing this, they represent the PPN as a whole. 

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  • Secretariat Committee- Dungarvan/Lismore Municipal District Rep
  • Secretariat Committee- Waterford City East Municipal District Rep
  • Secretariat Committee- Waterford City South Municipal District Rep


  • Secretariat
  • Strategic Policy Committee (SPCs)
  • Local Community Development Committee (LCDC)
  • Community Safety Partnership Committee (CSP)

Scroll down for full information on roles and responsibilities and for Nomination Forms

Please Note the following:

  • You must be a member of a group registered with Waterford PPN (at least 3 months)
  • Waterford PPN is non-political, and you must agree as a representative to abide by this ethos in its entirety
  • Represent one or more of the following: PillarCommunity & Voluntary, Environment or Social Inclusion Municipal District: Comeragh, Dungarvan/Lismore, Tramore & Waterford City East, Waterford City South or Waterford City West. 
  • You may be nominated for more than one of the above positions but can only hold one seat between SPC, CSP & LCDC; eg you can sit on the Secretariat & either the CSP/SPC or LCDC.

NB: These Positions are voluntary Roles. All PPN representatives are entitled to have Travel & Subs reimbursed when representing Waterford PPN (Terms & Conditions apply)

The PPN Coordinator Muriel Tobin is there as a support to the reps. Any queries please contact Muriel on or 086 172 3298


The PPN Secretariat is an administrative body. It is a flat structure, meaning there are no officers. It is the point of contact between the community & Waterford City & County Council and represents the 600+ PPN member groups in Waterford.

It has 11 representatives made up of the following:

  • 1 Member from each Municipal District (Dungarvan/Lismore, Comeragh, Tramore & Waterford City West, Waterford City East & Waterford City South)
  • 2 Members from each pillar (Community & Voluntary, Environment & Social Inclusion)

 When do they meet ?

Meetings take place approx every two months, during the evening, alternating between Dungarvan, Tramore & Waterford.

As Secretariat Rep you will:

  • Work as a team with the other PPN reps on the Secretariat
  • Sub committee roles, ie; HR/Finance/Awards
  • Coordinate and facilitate the day to day management of the PPN including the Staffing and budgets.
  • Implement the decisions of the Plenary (all PPN members)
  • Ensure the proper functioning of the PPN
  • Report back to the Plenary on developments/issues

Further information: About the Secretariat


Strategic Policy Committee (SPCs)

It is the task of the SPCs, as committees of the Council, to advise and assist the Council in the formulation, development and review of policy in Waterford. Its gives Councillors and relevant Sectoral Interests, an opportunity for full involvement in the policy making process from the early stages.

There are 5 SPCs in Waterford with reps on each from the following pillars: Community & Voluntary, Environment & Social Inclusion – They are:

  • Economic Development & Enterprise
  • Environmental Protection
  • Housing & Community
  • Planning & Corporate
  • Transport & Infrastructure

*Please Note these may change slightly post Local Authority Elections*

When do they meet ?

Meetings take place quarterly, during the working day alternating between Dungarvan & Waterford.

As an SPC Rep you will:

  • Work as a team with the other PPN reps on the SPC
  • Reflect views/policies as agreed by the pillar
  • Report back on developments/issues

Further information: About SPCs


Local Community Development Committee (LCDC)

The LCDC is a committee made up of representatives from the local government, local development sectors, public bodies and representatives of social, economic, environmental and community interests to:

  • Prepare, adopt, implement, monitor and review the community elements of the Local Economic & Community Plan
  • Consider and adopt a statement in respect of the economic elements of the Local Economic & Community Plan
  • Improve the co-ordination of publicly funded programmes including the Local Community Development Programme, Rural Development Programme and Social Inclusion Community Activation Programme and reduce duplication
  • Prepare an annual report on the performance of its duties

When do they meet?

Meetings take place monthly, during the working day so there is a significant time commitment. Meetings alternate between Dungarvan & Waterford & Online

 As an LCDC Rep you will:

  • A significant amount of background reading material to prepare for meetings
  • Work as a team with the other PPN reps, there are 5 on the LCDC
  • Community & Voluntary, 2 x Social Inclusion & 1 x Environment) NB: See important criteria CRITERIA in regards to the Environment position.
  • Attend various special events/official launches etc
  • Reflect views/policies as agreed by the pillar
  • Report back to the pillar on developments/issues and also to the PPN Secretariat

Further Information: About LCDCs


Community Safety Partnership (CSP)

About –

When do they meet ?

Meetings take place quarterly, towards the end of the working day with one public meeting annually.   Meetings alternate between Dungarvan, Waterford & Online.

 As an CSP Rep you will:


Further Information: About CSP