Dungarvan/Lismore MD Report

Waterford Public Participation Network (PPN): Dungarvan and Lismore Plenary meeting 26th April 2017
The Park Hotel, Dungarvan

Meeting report

A relatively well attended meeting including Gardai representatives; Social Enterprise presentation and PPN programme updates inc. FLAG; good discussion on JPC/Community Safety Networks; concerns about PPN role/involvement in the Greenway.

Meeting (facilitated by Michael J Walsh, PPN rep for Dungarvan and Lismore) opened with a presentation by Seamus Goggin on the Waterford City and County Social Enterprise Pilot Project.
There was a discussion on the PPN role (and representation) on the Joint Policing Committee and the Planned JPC Strategy. This led on to a discussion about the proposed Community Safety Networks (CSNs). Inspector Tony Lonnergan confirmed Garda support for the programme and there are expected to be meetings in early May with the Gardai and Community Section of the Local Authority to start the CSN implementation process.

John Hawkes (PPN Programmes Coordinator) updated the meeting on progress with the Age Friendly Alliance – the Alliance was due to meet on 28 April to approve the Age Friendly Alliance Strategy for Waterford. PPN reps would also be pressing for action on an implementation plan.

John also updated the meeting on progress with PPN programmes on the Environment, Mental Health and a plan to establish a county wide network of residents groups. All these issues would be covered in the monthly PPN e- bulletin(s) and John urged everyone to ensure they receive the bulletin and read it.

Donal O’Brien gave a presentation on The FLAG (Fisheries Local Action Group), Gabriel Foley talked about his role on the LCDC (Local Community Development Committee) and Michael J updated the meeting on St Declan’s Way – hopefully there will be written reports to follow on the latter two issues.

There was a lively discussion on the PPN’s (lack of) involvement with the Greenway. This is a wonderful facility for the County but the elected PPN reps had had no involvement – indeed why had the Council asked for PPN representation at all? There were several community issues but no forum to raise them. The meeting felt that the Local Authority would be quick to contact the PPN if they needed something from the community. John agreed to seek a meeting for the original PPN reps with the Local Authority and Mary Foley O’Hanlon will take up these issues through her regular meeting with the LA.

The meeting closed just after 10pm

Anyone seeking further information/expansion etc for any of these issues should contact John Hawkes.

John Hawkes, April 2017

Waterford PPN Secretariat
October 2016